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Powerful Communication Tools for Professionals

Interpersonal Communication and Strategic Consulting—a multi-faceted communications agency—provides tools to develop a competitive edge in international business with an emphasis on developing a contextual understanding of global perspectives that fosters connection and collaboration across cultural barriers.

Communication without Borders

ICS Consulting helps bridge the linguistic and cultural divide by improving your employees’ abilities to communicate effectively in English through the tools of impression management and intercultural dialogue.

We use an integrative approach to providing interpersonal communication tools and strategy to executives and supporting staff within the sectors of Finance, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Aerospace, Defense and Security.

Unlike other English communication programsICS Consulting combines the hands-on practicality of traditional training and teaching with coaching techniques to fine-tune non-verbal and verbal communications skills. As a result of working with ICS Consulting, executives and staff will be able to communicate in English to connect with key clients and other stakeholders, collaborate with your team gracefully, and compete effectively on an international level.

Areas of Support

ICS Consulting clients rely on our programs to support growth and effectiveness in such areas as (but not limited to):

  • Collaboration with foreign colleagues
  • Procurement of new international business
  • Preparation for an expatriate assignment to an English-speaking country
  • Presentation for/attendance at an international conference
  • Adjustment to the cultural differences introduced through foreign acquisitions and mergers

With focused sessions and a high-level of support, clients develop interpersonal and communication skills, with ease and grace. Each participant’s progress is recorded through communication templates, completed assignments and regular assessments.