Career Advancement Services

Career Advancement Services are for the professional who needs to prepare for a job interview or a change of career. The services offered are:

TOEIC: Preparation for the TOEIC through practice tests, tips and advice on how to handle complicated questions, business language review

Job Interview Preparation: CV and coverletter review and revision; LinkedIn review and revision; mock interview question and answer session, including behavioural questions and how to make a professional presentation, with visuals

Standard Impression Management: coaching is available for job-seekers, those who are seeking a career change or need help adjusting to a change in the company’s culture as a result of a merger and acquisition.

Neither Pride, Nor Prejudice provides business executives an open and safe environment to identify and examine biases and then explore how they can either serve or hinder professional growth. During this program, you will gain a deeper understanding and awareness of your biases (and it may not be what you think!), how they manifest through your behavior and communication, and strategize powerful ways to neutralize them. As a result, you will feel more comfortable and be more dynamic working with people from around the world and across different cultures, anytime and anyplace.

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